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Here at we have an environmentally friendly solution to control the eager beaver from plugging your culverts and flooding your roads...  







We have a maintenance free, environmentally friendly solution that pays for it's self. It keeps the eager beaver from plugging the culverts and damaging roads and railroad grades from flooding.  This saves your business or agency thousands of dollars per year in repair and maintenance costs.

They can be made to fit any shape of drain up to 2400mm. Round, square, and even one that is out of round!! 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1200mm, have already been installed in several areas of Northern Alberta by major oil companies, some county's and forestry services. 

NEW ADDITION to BPAO -  As of May 2010 we’ve added a hinge to the outlet grate –  Any trash ( grasses , debris or objects ) that enters the inlet end of the BPAO will cause the hinged grate to just swing open and allow the trash to flow through – then the grate just swings back in place .

The BPAO can be manufactured to fit culverts that are sloped such as the ones that are installed in highways and most M.D. roads.

When the BPAO is used in reservoirs or dams the water level can be maintained by installing a control gate on the outlet end.

The BPAO is permanent, with proper installation it will provide you with years of continuous protection from nature's most engineering creature THE BEAVER!!

Check out this large BPAO. It is installed on an 1800 mm culvert by Weyerhaeuser in Saskatchewan.

This year we made an even larger BPAO, it was going onto a 2400 mm culvert!! If you have a culvert, we can build a BPAO to fit.




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