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Plastic Ends

These pics were provided to us after the install of our new plastic BPAO's by a Major oil company in Northern Alberta.

These new ends are light weight, provide increased flow, are corrosion proof. This makes them ideal for brackish and salt water applications.

The BPAO can be utilized in road systems and railroads to stop the flooding and washing out of the grade, it can also be used in reservoirs and dams to control the water levels. 

This BPAO can be used on existing culverts as well as with new culvert installation. By using this BPAO with new grade construction, you have eliminated the problem before it has started.

The BPAO is an environmentally friendly and humane way to control all your beaver problems; plugged culverts, flooded roads, and problem beavers.

Over two thousand of these BPAO's have been installed and have been proven over the last several years. These BPAO's have been operating maintenance free since being installed. 

The only problems we have encountered is when the ends are not properly installed!!

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